October 24, 2012

This blog post is going to be nothing but beautiful rooms.  This first one makes me especially happy.  It’s pretty and hip, current without being trendy and fresh and modern without being cold.  I am surprised by how much I like the bold sofa and pillows… the neutral chairs are a good foil to the strong color but I really like the palette and for this beige lover, that’s saying something.

An all time favorite, this room rocks for so many reasons… first, it’s giant!  Second I love symmetry… balanced but not quite a mirror image.  It’s all my favorite color… Beige.  And, AND… it’s got such a good balance of easy-funky and luxe-glam.  The lines of the furniture are classic and modern and live well together, the center table is the perfect foil for the two sitting rooms.   Love love love.

This space honors my love of all things Thomas O’Brien.  It’s dark, moody and masculine, vintage and modern; found and curated.  This is not his work, but it reflects his signature style and resonates with me.  It’s about the mix, old and new, light and dark and the play of texture.

Funny how collecting a few photographs can enlighten and educate.  This is the vibe I’m crushing on… light with hits of strong color, sharp clean lines mixed with organic textures, the play of shades, an easy mix of fancy and simple… and not a print or strong pattern in sight.  Whats your look?


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