GOT WOOD? – Trend Alert!

October 19, 2012

The last few years have seen many vertical board wooden walls, when a trend hits Starbucks nationwide you know its “mainstream”.  Well I’m thinking that that trend has spawned the rebirth of stained wood in trim, beams, cabinets and the like  (if I’m still blogging in 2 or 3 years I’ll come back at you and say I told you) because the writing is on the wall.  More and more I’m seeing designers embrace the natural beauty of wood and it is going well beyond the horizontal board wall.  Check out these images – mostly pulled from Pinterest (a good place to look for trending ideas for the home).

This kitchen is sorta Gosford Park meets modern.  Love the “in the cellar” “for the help” look mixed with the LUXE light fixture and marble… and just look at all that wood.

Everything old is new again, if you wait long enough.  This trimmed out bay window is most likely old and original to the home but it was worthy of a photo shoot – because frankly, the rest of the room is a bit uninspired – someone chose to highlight the paneled window, TREND!

I love this, because there is visual interest and the wood gives a richness without being too much.  Two walls of stained cabinets like our moms had is not the trending look.  It’s trim or on cabinet or maybe just base cabinets balanced with light and bright.  If you decide to jump on this band wagon… don’t go too crazy!

Too crazy?!? not if the house and your style support this look, but it’s not modern or fresh… But it is pretty.  I could live in this room but it would need an update (new furniture)  maybe white floors and something different around the fireplace?  If you’re digging this trend like I am I suggest starting small.  try the look on just the doors of a room (faux painted if you don’t feel like striping) or try the trim around the window in a powder room.


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