Giving Back in Los Angeles

October 12, 2012

I couldn’t end the conversation on Los Angeles without mentioning the good work of so many that provide food to the needy within the city.  A close friend and good client introduced me to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels.  The mission of St. Vincent Meals on Wheels is to prepare and deliver nutritious meals to homebound seniors and other vulnerable residents across Los Angeles.  They do that every day, 1000’s of times a day.  They serve anyone in need who lives within the service area, regardless of age, illness, disability, race, religion or ability to pay.

Good nutrition and daily home visits improve the health and dignity of their clients, and that enables St Vincent Meals on Wheels to remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible, a consistent mission since their program began in 1977. Their values are based on respect, compassionate service, simplicity and advocacy for the poor.

I chose to highlight St. Vincent Meals on Wheels for two reasons; The hard work, the tireless energy and commitment for this cause that my friends give to enable St. Vincent’s to provide food to 1000’s daily and the creative and unique Frugal Foodie campaign aimed to  highlight saving money at home to allow any sized gift to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels.  There are many good and worthwhile charities in Los Angeles but with fuel prices St Vincent’s is finding it difficult to meet the needs of the needy in the Los Angeles area.  I am asking you, my readers to consider a gift to St Vincent Meals on Wheels.

Here is one of the videos created to generate support, so well done and I love tie in back to food.  Most of us are lucky enough have healthy food on our tables each day, please consider helping St Vincent Meals on Wheels provide food to the less fortunate.

Click HERE to make a gift of any size. Thank you.


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