White Kitchens

October 5, 2012


So I usually go on about the details in each image I post for White Kitchen blogs but today if simply like to remind readers that its all about the details, but don’t over do it… less IS more! If you like a farmers sink, you don’t need a razzle dazzle backsplash, tricky pendants and a mosaic floor, pick one QUALITY detail (put more of your money into one great thing, not 3 not so great things) and I promise you’ll be happy with the outcome.20121004-224601.jpg

I’m giving color consultations all the time. You would be surprised to know how often I get the “are you crazy?” look from clients when we get to the kitchen and I beg them to consider white. “With kids?!” Is usually the first response, and “how boring” is the second… But these people have asked for professional advice because they don’t possess the ability to see the final vision in their mind. Creating a white kitchen is probably easier that matching colors – tile, floor, countertop, paint, etc – but it’s actually harder to “stay on message” and not deviate from the vision. Trust me on this I know. A wooden counter top or a grey floor is acceptable, but wouldn’t you know it… Take a client tile shopping and getting out the door with white can be quiet a challenge. What the customer isn’t remembering is how much they like the look of all white, and how a busy multicolored, multi textured, multi countertop kitchen goes wrong long before the clutter if day to day life moves in. 20121004-224513.jpgIf you are gearing up for a remodel or even just a coat of paint here is my advice: Bring your tear-sheets from magazines and the internet of looks you like to the store with you, spread them out and remind yourself as you shop what the end game is. Don’t be seduced by a impulse color… And if you are buy only enough for the powder room and then go back to shopping for white.


2 Responses to “White Kitchens”

  1. Danny Says:

    I think white kitchens are timeless – love ’em!

  2. Lyn, Sydney, Australia Says:

    Bill, Thanks so much for your tips on staying on track with my white kitchen vision. This is really helpful for my planning right now.

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