Summer House Last Gasp

October 1, 2012


The summer season is sadly over.  The air is crisp, the summer people are gone and school buses rule the roads at 7:30AM and 2:30 PM.  I’m still in summer mode because clients have left me with “to do” lists, most not needing to be finished before spring, but lists just the same.  Fresh slip covers, overseeing construction and remodel projects, and my favorite fluffing and re-accessorizing before their return.  Bookcases seem to be a daunting task for most clients, some have asked me to include them in floor plans so they wouldn’t have to worry about filling them – filling them for them is my dream-come-true!  I spent all day today shopping my favorite antique stores for just the right things to layer into clients shelves, to stack on tables and to add to small vignettes.


Color palettes are shifting too.  Nobody is looking for turquoise these days… Grey is the color of the moment especially for the young set ( they didn’t get their fill in the 80’s when we – that’s the old, royal we – were using Dove Grey EVERYWHERE!).  Black, grey and cream is the new white, beige and tan.  I’m filling the store with Black, cream and RED right now… it mixes well with autumns colors and goes right into holiday, hopefully there won’t be much left when its time for a change!  …that’s the plan anyway.  Getting back to summer, or the lack of it I should say… Now is a good time to evaluate what you need to do before next summer to hit the ground running when the warm weather returns.  I for one have re-up’d my gym membership, and plan on buying sunscreen, umbrellas and the like on sale now and put them away til spring… but that has nothing to do with decorating.  Wash your slip-covers, roll-up your sisals and put down your wool rugs cozy up your rooms with blankets and extra pillows and add a light or two to fight the dull-drums of winter.


This bedroom with its sweet prints, board walls and cottage aesthetic is really pretty, a great way to winter up this look would be black lampshades, darker accent pillows and a big fluffy – I’m into fluffy – down duvet and shams in coco brown!  I might go as far as changing the art to a heavier oil painting or small grouping of paintings with more color… landscapes with skies would pull the wall color enough to really make a change for the season in this room.  Message: Don’t be afraid to tweak your interiors for the season.  You don’t have invest a lot, and you can always put it back to how it is now when you want to.  



2 Responses to “Summer House Last Gasp”

  1. jodyseivert Says:

    Love it ALL!

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