the South End Buttery – Boston Ma.

September 26, 2012


If you find yourself in Boston you have no excuse to not stop at the South End Buttery.  If you only have 20 minutes in the morning house made pastries are to die for and the selection, limitless.  Free for brunch? …Saturdays and Sundays the kitchen is cooking up eggs, pastries, sandwiches, salads and the like from 10 AM to 3PM.  Regular cafe hours are 6:30 to 8PM daily and the cozy restaurant serves dinner 7 nights a week.  I had the pleasure of stopping in more than once this last weekend while I was in Boston.  Friends and I had dinner in the downstairs dining room, its beautiful.  Thick stone walls and dark upholstery make the dining room sexy and very atmospheric.  The service is professional but personable and the food was interesting without being precious, filling without being heavy and dessert was simply out of this world.

I wrote all of the above waiting for as long as I could to tell you that my second trip to the South End Buttery was to the on site bakery and the prepared food “market” …the icing on the (cup)cake!  The Buttery is pretty well-known for the cupcakes, cookies, tarts and other confections and they are amazing but on this second trip I was blown away by the cases of prepared foods – everything from glazed carrots to ham and butter sandwiches (yum!) to pork chops that were brined and melt in your mouth delicious.  Everything I (we) tried was very, very good and I have to say being a picky virgo decorator motivated by aesthetics the “market” and prepared foods area was FLAWLESS.  Beautifully appointed, clean and photo-shoot worthy, just look at my iphone images.  The young lady at the counter  was helpful, nice and intelligent and I loved being able to see into the bakery (clean as could be) as they made biscuits, cookies and cupcakes.

If the weather is nice you can sit outside in the charming neighborhood of Boston’s South End, sip a latte and enjoy a baked treat… But if you have the chance make a reservation for dinner and enjoy the talent of the chef and the easiness of the pretty but not stuffy interiors and leave room for dessert!  I had the salted chocolate chip cookies and they were worth every calorie!  Friends got the mixed “sampler” of mini cupcakes, yes I ate some too… Diet be damned.  The surprise take away (pun intended) was the prepared food section.  You could self-cater an entire dinner party (they even have a small “grocery” section with crackers, spreads, pastas and other items)  from their beautiful food cases.  Run don’t walk to the South End Buttery for any meal of the day, eat it there or bring it home… just don’t miss this treasure!   

I only regret…  not taking more pictures, this is truly the tip of the iceberg!





5 Responses to “the South End Buttery – Boston Ma.”

  1. GeGe Says:

    Looks so yummy…road trip!!

  2. bill barr Says:

    Anytime you wanna go! so YUMMY.

  3. Ann Says:

    Definitely road trip. I would head south to join you!

  4. Danny Says:

    Wishing I were still in Boston after this posting 🙂

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