I love a White Kitchen – but buy what you love.

September 24, 2012

Life comes at you. You can’t avoid the difficult days, the hardships, and yes even the sorrow and pain your heart experiences.  I know that life is so much more than a white kitchen…  Frankly it’s more than the perfect home, the right car, the best watch and even your tennis or golf game.  Being surrounding by love and people who love you for who you are, the good ( ok great ) and the not so great.  It’s about appreciating the moments as they are happening and locking them in a place inside you that you’re able to access when darker days require strength.  It’s about the unconditional love pets give us and the joy of house training success, a game of tug of war and a long walk in the snow with your best canine friend.  Sure, we all love to put of “best foot forward” represent ourselves via our homes and work hard to have nice things… but keep in mind that your avocado range and the harvest gold refrigerator aren’t really the things to blame if your life isn’t what you want.  I think it’s safe to say fear, insecurity and self-doubt and perhaps limited capacity (due to not living your professional dream and giving your career 110% ) are what really hold you back from being content with life, not the stove you cook dinner on.

That being said, coming home from giving 110% to a pretty house you are happy with and one that suits your taste is a pretty good feeling.  Try and let that be a motivator… buy what you like as it presents itself, curate a home of objects that give you pleasure to look at or work with or touch or simply to look at… but don’t count on them making you happy.  That comes from cuddling with your honey, or cooking dinner with friends or napping with your dog in the sun in the middle of the day ( on a monday ).  In the end your house and everything in it is just stuff.  The friends you invite over, the special person you might share it with, the meals you cook, the conversations you have in it and the dog that greets you at the end of each workday are what matter.

I can’t teach you in a paragraph or two everything you need to know about picking out the right fixtures, colors, and details for a kitchen… but what I can tell you is how you live within that space is really what matters most…  with that in mind buy what you love… Moroccan tiles for your backsplash, salvaged wood dredged from the bottom of a river in New Orleans, a vintage stove that works when it wants to and yes… even walnut stained kitchen cabinets if that’s what you like.  I like white.  I never get sick of white.  White feels and looks clean, its bright, textures and architectural details stand out and a crisp modern look is often the result – although you can have a traditional kitchen with and all white palette too.

Little details will add up once the majority of the kitchen is in place.  If you follow my white on white on white mantra, you can still add accents ( love the door above!) and give the space your signature… the nice thing is you can repaint a door in a few hours and most obvious details have a shelf life so pick and choose those carefully.   Take risks with light fixtures – the payout is usually huge – and please, please, please think outside the box of what most designers might throw at you ( that includes me ) because at the end of the day I’m going to guess you’d rather spend time in your chosen kitchen than mine.  You love white kitchens? then buy everything in white, but buy it because you love it.


2 Responses to “I love a White Kitchen – but buy what you love.”

  1. Tricia Says:

    I just stumbled on your blog, and just love this very first post. Wonderful text; lovely images. Thank you!

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