Sheep Skin Rugs – Today’s “Must Have”

September 15, 2012

You can’t open a shelter magazine without seeing a sheep skin rug draped over the a chair or the back of a sofa and they are of course still being used as rugs too. I love the casual cozy effect, simple and effortless and yet chic and stylish. There is a Scandinavian vibe for me but I’m not certain of the trends origin.

The look creates texture and depth, and the rustic natural vibe is a great juxtaposition to crisp modern lines. I have a black sheep skin throw in front of the fireplace in my library and love the look, and love that it doesn’t show ash for frequent fires… I have to fight the dogs for it if I want to lay close to the fire, but we have learned how to share!

There seems to be a trend towards fur, taxidermy, skins and the like and while I will admit to liking the look, I’m personally more comfortable with surplus (sheep & cow) type hides than I am with exotics and mounted trophies. This hand knit deer is clever…




One Response to “Sheep Skin Rugs – Today’s “Must Have””

  1. Mark Says:

    We love it Bill! (of course we are a bit biased)


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