Fashion Week – this one’s for the boys

September 13, 2012


The look on the street for men’s fashion hasn’t changed dramatically since last fall. Denim on denim is big, back from the late 80’s with a Thom Brownish twist, wear a bow tie and a grey flannel jacket, and a buck, wingtip or cap toe shoe – no socks or wild socks please.

As mentioned, grey flannel is very big this season, if you don’t have a grey flannel suit… Buy one! Worm together you’ll look dapper with a plaid shirt and black loafers, as a sport cost you’ll find the jacket goes with almost everything… Khakis, jeans, darker or lighter grey slacks and even corduroys.





…p.s. this post was done entirely from my phone as our WiFi is currently on the blink… Forgive any layout glitches.


One Response to “Fashion Week – this one’s for the boys”

  1. Danny Says:

    Love Fall for the layering and textures.

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