September 8, 2012


For those who live on the edge of what is current or in vogue the idea of painting a room a deep dark color is nothing new.  The trend started a few years ago but is now being completely embraced by the mainstream.  People have become comfortable with creating a room full of mystery and drama even in more traditional homes and modernists love the white Eames chairs, Saarinen tables and the like against a dark back-drop.

It seems as though trim work, doorways and bookcases are also getting the treatment.  No longer is the typical white trim!  We have moved into making architectural details really stand out and make a statement by accenting them in greys, browns, blues and blacks.  Now you know me, I love an all white room (ok all white house) but I do love the idea of a dark, cool study or TV room to get away from the heat of summer or the chill of winter.  and I love the idea of the high-contrast room within a house… a surprise if you will.

A great room to try this tend in is the bedroom.  A room typically darkened by night and a place you spend the majority of your time in sleeping, a dark cozy room is like a cocoon.  I adore this tufted headboard and think the colors here are beautiful.

Dark can go totally glam, and I love it…

…and dark can go rustic.  No matter your look there is a dark that you can make work.  Coastal house? Try Navy.  Uber-traditional, try Chocolate.  Modern? Go black!  It’s really a few gallons of paint and a weekend… trust me it’s worth the risk.



4 Responses to “THE DARK SIDE”

  1. Danny Says:

    I would love to paint a room black — love the cozy effect! Great ideas!

  2. Abid Ilahi Says:

    Great suggestions Bill. You point out exciting decorating possibilities that one can try with no more than a few gallons of paint and a week-end.

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