50 Shades of Grey – part 3

August 12, 2012

Grey is the it color right now in design.  Neutrals like taupe, tan, beige, cream & white are still in rotation but the trend is grey.  Pale dove grey to dark smokey gun-metal grey are finding their way onto upholstery, walls, rugs and just about every surface in the homes of people who live on the edge of what is current.

The “cement” like wall behind the bed is the perfect color and texture to set off the greys in the bedding and to reinforce the “mood” that grey can give.  Sure, grey can go glam but this room is industrial chic.  I love the sparseness of the space, but I don’t have to discipline to maintain this level of minimalism in my own home.

Grey is setoff well by white.  You could paint a room grey, upholster in a different shade and still use black as an accent but I think grey is at its best surrounded by white.  

The commitment to grey in this space is limited to pillows… you get a driftwoody and relaxed vibe from the palette and styling  and it’s easily changed if/when you grow tired of the grey.

Three words: Polished Concrete Floors.  Love the look the vibe and the durability of this bomb proof floor. We have polished concrete at the shop/studio ( Surroundings ) and moving furniture, snow covered boots, and many fallen Christmas trees later the floor still looks brand new.


2 Responses to “50 Shades of Grey – part 3”

  1. Ashley Smith Says:

    I absolutely love the 50 Shades of Grey part 3 living room! I am in love with the rug you used. I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased it from? I’m redoing my living room and I think it would go perfectly. Thanks for your help!


    • bill barr Says:

      Ashley, I’m sorry i only just saw your question. I’m also sorry I my have lead you to believe I designed this room. It was just a room I liked very much, Im afraid I don’t know where the rug was sourced.

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