50 Shades of Grey – part 2

August 11, 2012

So, I know I missed a day (or two) sorry about that.  I have so many “GREY” photographs saved up I’m going to do a multi post on grey, a4 part series if you count the grey blog from a short while ago.  I’m all about grey right now. I have a client remodeling a home and one request was for grey.  My first presentation included very current and up to date textures, colors and forms like a beautiful Ikat rugs from Asmara (see July 18th’s blog) shown with pale grey slip-covered sofas… while the presentation went well, it seems we will be taking a slightly more traditional approach to the furnishings than I had planned on.  I mention that because it set me on a mission to strike a balance of young and updated but still traditional, what it’s proving to me is that grey is truly a chameleon color.  Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, dark enough to say something but light enough to take a back seat, Grey – the IT color right now – can and will work in any space, anywhere and in any style.  Go buy your self some grey.


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