Spanish Dream House

August 9, 2012

I know I have a lot of dream houses, and the two room cabin on the ocean is still number one on my list but if I was to have multiples I’d add one like this to the list.  I love tile roofs (see yesterdays post) and the thick walls of  spanish style homes.  White slip covers on everything and a big collection of pottery from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s sounds good to me as the interiors starting point.  The intricate patterns, deep rich colors and heavy beams of a home like this would be complimented by easy relaxed shapes in sold neutrals and give the architecture a chance to really shine.  The light and relaxed upholstery would also lighten up the aesthetic as these houses can be dark ( cool in the summer – warm in the winter ).  Nothing more boring that walking into a Spanish style house and seeing nothing but dark carved wood furniture and heavy trimmed drapes, I like the idea of an unexpected interior.   Here are a few more houses I love  and some interior shots that help articulate the style I’d like to see inside…

Love the littleness of this one and that giant window up front, yes please!

This is close, maybe a bit dark but love the rug in this room…

This one really puts the colonial in Spanish Colonial Revival!

This is a good color palette, missing a bit of pizzazz?

This is a good color but I prefer the traditional creamy white exterior.

Yes, yes, yes… this is the look.  Clean, bright, fresh.

Awnings, too cute. House great, yard… not so much.

This space – if you ask me – could use a tiny organic touch… just a bit sterile for me.  love the floors!

One Response to “Spanish Dream House”

  1. Shooken Says:

    I like the Spanish design in houses 🙂 Maybe because it reminds me of the house in “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” haha

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