August 7, 2012

For me there is no better way to outfit a bathroom than with wall to wall slab’s of marble.  First of all the lux factor is completely  off the charts, nothing says glamour more than floor to ceiling stone.  then of course there is the sleekness that feels clean and modern, no fussy grout lines to distract the eye or for that matter to get dirty.

The antithesis of the all stone bathroom is the no stone or tile bathroom.  what makes this one great is the high contrast of the dark stained trim and door to the light and smooth sink and floor.  This room is a ying-yang that works.  I’m a big fan of wall mounted faucets, so much easier to clean up around and the look is updated and contemporary.
When you have limited space, it’s all about how you use that space of course and everything you put in that small space should be special…  jewelry in a jewelry box.  I’m loving the sink, the back wall of elongated subway tiles, the wall mount toilet and the porthole mirror.  The wall mount soap was smart because there is no counter top to accommodate it… even the hardware was carefully chosen and spot on.

This room is my white on white dream come true.  A bathroom should feel and be clean, and this one does…  the sparseness is the perfect companion to the chunky and thick vibe the sink and built-ins have.  For me there is a coziness here, nothing precious, shapes are easy and simple making the room easy to be in.  

And if you’re traveling, or just need a new bag for the essentials, Hardgraft has a great looking doppkit with a double zipper for easy access and it’s good-looking.  Check it out HERE.


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