Decorating Should Be Easy

August 1, 2012

The title of this post is meant to suggest that the outcome of decorating efforts should feel “easy” like the room just came together.  Matching arm styles on upholstery, obsessing over matching colors perfectly, and stressing about furniture being “on” or “off” the rug don’t necessarily make a beautiful room.   Success really comes by surrounding yourself with things that you love and having the total look of your space be a reflect who you are and be a comfortable place to live and entertain.

Now of course there has to be some hard work when you’re pulling a room together.. but it shouldn’t really show. The room in the image above is a great example.  The upholstery styles don’t match, the wood finishes don’t match, the metals in the space are all over the place, there are three plain neutral fabrics shown and they don’t match… and the room is so pretty (and easy).  the simplicity of the space speaks to me and it doesn’t look fussed over.  Whats right about this space is each piece is interesting, the scale of each item (this includes mantle accessories and painting) is good and simple wall color allows the texture – the true gem of the room – speak for itself.

Sometimes the hardest part of decorating is knowing what you want, sometimes it’s knowing when your done and sometimes it’s about not over-thinking it and keeping it simple.



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