Summer Style

July 29, 2012

I’m posting this stylish living room – somewhere on Nantucket – because this weekend is all about summer for me, Clambake yesterday and a BBQ/Barn Dance last night… and if the sun was out a beach day today, but sadly no sun… yet.  BUT, even when it’s cloudy outside a sunny interior can get you through the day…

Summer style is all about color palette and attitude… Keep it light and add pops of bright color.  I love the sea foam bookcase paired with the raspberry ikat pillow in the picture above.  For me this is the perfect amount of color and pattern to wake up a space without overwhelming it or having it look over decorated.

You can paint me a staircase any day… love the white floors and the turquoise runner is perfection.  WANT!

Steal this idea!  low-budget fabric sewn into stylish color blocked drapes in a summer bedroom.  I love this idea, a simple cotton or linen transformed by piecing white and blue together.  Take this idea even further by making horizontal bands or match architectural elements and mimic the crown, trim chair rail & baseboard.


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