Dark & Stormy

July 22, 2012

It’s the height of summer, and I’m thinking about Dark and Stormy.  Not the Rum and soda concoction, the graphite to black boldness that turns a neutral, tonal space into a more edgy, more urban (and it up’s the chic factor if you ask me) space.  What dark needs is lots of light around it.  That’s the key to making dark work.  Dark sofas? White walls!

It’s about the positive and negative spaces.  Dark, light, open… closed.  Love the ying/yang of this kitchen.  Check out the closed, open, closed wall cabinets around the window and the half-open half closed island… cool!  NOTE: floors, walls & ceiling = Light.

Dark sofa? Light pillows!  it’s that simple.  bring the wall color into the room via the coffee table, pillows and other upholstered items (and the rug?!).

Dark and Stomry-ish.  Here is a safe version of what adding depth to a room looks like.  The commitment is  minimal but imagine this room without the black in it… quite a different look.  Not all that dark but a statement none the less.




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