White Kitchens

July 20, 2012

I don’t care whats trendy or whats the latest and greatest… I’m always going to love White Kitchens.  White on White on White, throw in and under-mount sink and I’m sold.  Heck it could have formica countertops and I’d be happy but this polished composit looks great.  The pulls are a bit mundane for me and there isn’t a wow moment in this kitchen for me, but it’s still pretty because it’s so fresh, clean, bright and WHITE.It’s summer and my mind is on a small shack near the water, some where with lots of light and a breeze… away from the heat of the city.  I’ll get there someday, I just hope it’s not when a master on the first floor and being close to a hospital is more important than how close the nearest latte is and how many people I can have over for dinner.  So when I get it, there will most definitely be a white kitchen and I think this tiny kitchen is pretty sweet.  great back-splash, peninsula as island as table is really nice.  Cabinets to the ceiling is so key!  Please tell me why people stop the cabinets 6 inches from the ceiling?!? I hate that.


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