I’m Working On It

July 15, 2012

I have a new client that is looking for a young, chic look that is tonal and easy but sophisticated.  This image above is a great palette, the right amount of coastal accent without being tongue in cheek or too literal.  However because she is young, I’m guessing the lines are too traditional and a wee bit too romantic.

This pretty room has all the right bells and whistles… Sisal on the hardwood floors, garden seats as side tables, dark accents that feel modern and edgy all with furniture that is interesting in shape but not completely traditional.

This room screams coastal – but it doesn’t hurt your teeth, no light houses or seashells – sisal check, garden stool, check.  easy breezy sheers, cool update furniture and a killer view? check. check. CHECK!

If the kitchen eat-in area ends up looking anything like this then all will be right in the world.  Love the turquoise bench seats.


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