ART …and a few random images

July 13, 2012

Hello friends.  I have a file on my desktop that is full of images I have collected but never used for a blog.  Landscape and architectural, snapshots, people, furniture and beautiful art in every form.  So I decided that today I’d pull some of the better “natural art”  shots a post them today.  But I have something to say about art first…

If you happen to be doing a large remodel or new construction do yourself a favor, literally set aside the budgeted amount you are comfortable spending on furniture, rugs and accessories and put it in a separate account or in an envelope under your mattress or where ever you like to squril things away.  NOW do the same with a budget for ART.  what goes on your walls once the are taped, skim-coated and painted is as important, if not more so, than the color of the walls, whether you chose satin or semi-gloss trim, what white the ceilings are or if the fireplace screen, the knobs on the side board and the chandelier all have the same finish.  ART is an important ingredient in home design and you should plan accordingly.  

No money for art? Hogwash!  Go to your local college, they’ll often have shows with great work at very reasonable prices… or an open studio event in your city or town is another option.  and if you really don’t have the money for any original art.  Cheap frames from a craft store can be filled with images from magazines, leaves, or what have you, heck… you can even hang empty frames in an interesting way to create your own “art”.  

OK, that’s all… I trust you get the point, now go out and support your local artists, and enjoy a beautiful weekend!  Happy Friday (the 13!)


2 Responses to “ART …and a few random images”

  1. jodyseivert Says:

    Excellent point, Bill, I couldn’t agree with you more….and I just got home from the Lloyd Demarest Clambake…with a new painting from the auction!

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