July 9, 2012

Just met with a young client who has a wedding coming up in a year or so who has bought a beautiful waterfront lot along with a home that is in need of some up-dating.  Our first meeting went really well and we seemed to like each others ideas and the rooms are a good scale so I’m excited to begin the process with she and her fiance.  The major requests are tonal, natural, chic, comfortable, easy and no florals.  Easy enough!  It’s basically my dream home, but for her… I’m good with that at least I get to help create it.  I posted these pictures with the post because I think they all have something we could borrow for the living room in my clients house.    

Sisals will be laid, un-dyed linen covered sofas filled with down on top of wide plank floors and under a coffered ceiling.  White accents and white orchids everywhere.  I wonder if she’d go for a cowhide rug under the coffee table(s)?

There was much discussion around what patterns if any will be used.  Geometrics and trellis is ok, vine, floral, seashell motif are all out.  Can’t wait to have our next meeting, I already have a file bulging with clips and ideas.  Stay tuned for some “before pictures” I plan on taking them next time I’m there.


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  1. jodyseivert Says:

    Congratulations on your new project, Bill. Thanks for sharing your process with us!

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