Mens Fashion – Right Now

July 6, 2012

The shrunken preppy look – meaning tight-fitting prep attire – is giving way to the bohemian-prep.  Bracelets stacked up the wrists of many men, looser more relaxed fitting clothes and beards and stubble is hot, still hot I should say.

Attention all men:  Black Shoes are still for weddings and funerals.  wanna look good go get yourself a pair of lace-ups like these euro dudes, they are proving they work with slacks, jeans and trousers.  No socks is cool, but please make sure you have a tan.

If you don’t have a pair, go get a cotton trouser in a bright color.  They look good with solid shirts, stripes, sweaters chambray and denim tops as well as sweaters, polos and T-shirts.  This trend will probably end with summer, so don’t over spend.

And just incase you haven’t noticed, the man-bag is still a must have… leather, canvas, nylon, whatever.  Get yourself a sack and join the ranks of the cool guys.


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