The Farm

June 22, 2012

Well here I am in the outskirts of Baltimore MD at the farm of good friends and I could not be more relaxed, or better fed.  So far it has been a culinary extravaganza… home-made fried chicken, herb’d corn and coleslaw for dinner last night and oven pancakes with fresh berries and warm maple syrup for breakfast, and lunch today was at Petite Louis.

The massive barn ( the biggest of its type in the County ) is impressive to say the least.  Dating from the 1700’s and once a dairy barn the structure is now home to lama, sheep, goats, chickens as well as geese.  The inside is equally impressive as the outside, three stories high, open to the rafters, gorgeous!

We are close to the Pennsylvania state line, and the topography has wonderful rolling hills, wide green pastures and giant oaks, maples and pines.  A summer storm just passed through and cut the humidity – thank goodness – and the rivers are high and full of clay, they were clear just an hour ago.

This is the view off the front porch, ridiculously beautiful, sublime and peaceful. 

The house dates to pre 1850 and faces the river and road.   Beautiful period details live in harmony with tasteful details and modern day upgrades ( like the biggest master bath and walk-in closet you’ve ever seen).  The long driveway takes you over the river, through the fields, around the barn and animals to the charming house, for real.  I’m serious.

Thank you to my wonderful hosts B & A, three more days and I’m already so content, relaxed and happy.


3 Responses to “The Farm”

  1. richard Says:

    lovely!!!! XOXOX

  2. claudia Says:

    Aren’t you lucky!

  3. just absolutely beautiful!!!! What a nice weekend!!!

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