Studio Vit – Marble Lights

June 13, 2012

One thing leads to another, as they say…

I was on Facebook last night (duh) and a friend had commented on an image of a loft in Madrid that I was quite taken with.  Well of course I had to click my through Facebook and then into the web page ( ) where the post had originated to find the full story.  An hour later I had a half-dozen beautiful images from several of their posts I wanted to create my own blog with – a “best of” if you will – and I will be posting some of the many pictures but frankly there is so much good design over there ( at ) that you should click over and see for your self… you’re welcome!

A very cool website indeed, after I got my fill of beautiful images of modern spaces from all over the world I stumbled upon these beautiful lights.  Studio Vit‘s Marble lights is a collection in marble and glass fixtures. playing on the idea of a typical bulb and socket, the fixtures consist of glass spheres and cylindrical marble lamp holders in various sizes which can be freely combined.

The Marble lights collection includes table, floor and pendant lights, as well as three different sized floor weights which can be used as counterweight hanging fixtures.  The goal of the collection was to create a product that is simple yet refined and generates a juxtaposition of volumes, materials and weights… it just happens to be beautiful.

Studio vit was proud to present Marble lights, their second collection, at the Milan Furniture Fair 2012.


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