Stenciled Floors

June 10, 2012

Stencil is a bad word in my world, dosen’t matter if it’s going on the wall, floor or anywhere else… But done correctly, the stencil is making a small come-back in the design world.  Scroll work, fancy filligree and anything remotely Victorian, or “romantic” should be avoided at all costs.  These patterns can and will go seriously wrong before you even start painting. OK, that said here’s the blog on stenciled floors… you have been warned!

In my design world the focus seems to come in waves.  It’s funny really… there are weeks when all I do is design/order/install window treatments and then it seems all I do is order upholstery and help clients recover pieces they can’t part with.  Construction site walk throughs, lighting, floor plans, paint consultations they all come in cycles.  It’s a weird phenomenon I can’t explain. Right now it’s ALL about the painted floor.

In the last few weeks, several clients have decided to paint their floors.  I love a painted floor.  It’s casual and relaxed but there is still an attention to detail that makes it feel designed and it’s a nice change for the expected hardwood.  White is always my first choice, but try explaining to a customer that the look is well worth the maintenance of owning a white floor… most are skeptical to say the least.  So the next best thing? An interesting color and perhaps a border detail or stencil.

ok,ok… maybe that one isn’t a stencil but it’s a great looking floor.  I like seeing some of the wood, and the pattern the stripes make with the pattern of the flooring.  It’s a smart idea to think about the texture of the sub-flooring you’re painting and wort with that pattern.

This is a great example of how a stencil doesn’t have to go wall to wall.  You can paint an area rug or let the pattern stop at a door way or with out “bleeding” the pattern into a threshold.  I’d like to paint a clients hall way with a pattern like this but it’s open to the living room and dining rooms, No problem!  ending the pattern like this looks great, don’t you think?


3 Responses to “Stenciled Floors”

  1. Life & Sunshine Says:

    i would LOVE to do this to our hardwood….someday! i think the hardest part would be choosing…honeycomb?, stripes?, Chevron?

  2. This is such a great post. I absolutely love the seventh picture. The floor is just simply designed but looks so gorgeous. The ninth picture is also beautiful. It seems to be so classy. Thank you for this blog.

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