Casual White Kitchens

June 9, 2012

I love a complicated recipe, baking being my favorite task… three or four (or five) separate recipes that are constructed to create one fantastic dessert is not too much to ask of me.  When it comes to designing a kitchen I think it should be more laboratory and less living room.  I guess it’s about the warmth of wood, the open shelves, the brick-a-brack and true to live vibe these non-trophy kitchens have that I react to so strongly.  They are simple white kitchens without heavy carved corbels that have been glazed, no tricky floating glass breakfast bars over exotic veneers and not a flashy mosaic in-lay to be found (behind the stove or else where, I might add).

And just one or two (or three) not so casual White Kitchens that are still beautiful in their restraint – for the most part – but a bit more high-end, a little less serendipitous. Nothing wrong with that, or them… I just prefer the casual approach of the above kitchens because it’s easy to live in, it feels authentic and frankly a bit less “trophy”.


One Response to “Casual White Kitchens”

  1. Life & Sunshine Says:

    i love the simple line drawing art, so cozy among all the white

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