A Dash of BLACK.

June 7, 2012

Black.  A dash of it in a room is almost always a welcome accent or “punctuation” if you will.  The use of black in decorating gives an unquestionably sophisticated and elegant look to any room. For today’s blog I’ve collected a bunch of beautiful rooms that use black to add a bit of drama, to heighten the contrast in the space without adding color or pattern.  I love the room above, perfect use of black accents, the clean fresh room is given some “architecture” with the depth of the coffee table, chairs and handrails.

If you’re going with a statement piece, it can be the only black in the room, like this bed.  If it’s a side table or drapery hardware, be sure to repeat the color again somewhere else in the room ( picture frames, an accent pillow, even legs on a sofa ) to pull it all together and balance the space.  Here are a few more examples of black used in a successful way, both statement and accent.  There is a growing trend for black rooms and/or black accent walls, I’m all for them but if that feels like too much of a commitment to you, try accent/statement pieces in black… you’ll love them.



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