JANGEORGe Sag Harbor

June 6, 2012

My friend Richard turned me on to this great pair of designers turned shopkeepers a while back after he returned from Key West where Jan and George have their interior design shop.  Both have worked over a decade as Interior Designers and now with JANGEORGe Sag Harbor open their empire expands!  Besides Interior Design services, JANGEORGe Interior Design offers an exclusive mix of modern, contemporary European furniture, combined with antiques, lighting, art, fabrics and accessories.  Not only all of that, but a curated and edited version of it, so well-chosen you could shop with your eyes closed.  Located in an 18th century whalers home in the historic village of Sag Harbor NY, the furniture, furnishings and accessories all have a time-worn patina, a tonal vibe that is easy to live with and a chic factor that is off the charts.

What you’ll find there:


JANGEORGe by FrigerioBonacinaEmecoFlexformKirch & CoMeridiani,  Moooi and Moroso.


JANGEORGe by FrigerioFlexform,GervasoniIvano Redaelli and Meridiani


GT DesignIvano RedaelliMangasMerida Meridian


PrandinaLuminaFlosOluce, Luceplan, Moooi

…just to name a few of the amazing vendors they are working with.   Here is a link to their beautiful portfolio of work: www.jangeorge.com be sure to stop in if you find yourself in Sag Harbor (or Key West) and tell them Billblog sent you!


5 Responses to “JANGEORGe Sag Harbor”

  1. richard Says:

    they are so chic!

  2. just beautiful
    can’t wait to visit

  3. Karen Lockwood Says:

    Stunning…….gorgeous ! So happy for you
    both. Can’t wait to shop in you
    Sag Harbor shop!

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