June 4, 2012

I think Work and Play should be kept separate – and this blog is play – but in all fairness I do blog about what I’m working on from time to time and have mentioned the store from time to time so I have decided to cross the line today and post a few pictures that were taken recently of the shop (yes, the place I work).   From the ground up:  The Dragon area rug is a one of a kind hand-knotted wool rug and I love the colors in it mixed with the Asmara rug hung on the wall.  They are a great pairing because the organic and “open” pattern of the dragon rug compliments the geometric pattern of the Asmara (also hand-knotted and all wool) and the color palettes are the same, only colors are used in different amounts.  So while they are opposites, they are in fact very much alike, and look quite good together if I do say so.

The Sofa is the Tilden from Hickory Chair.   I really do LOVE this sofa, and I know I love a lot of things on this blog ( and I know I shouldn’t love “things”… but I do) but seriously this sofa goes anywhere.  Modern, traditional and anything in between.  It all depends on how you cover it and the pillows you put on it.  Well made, comfortable and a great napping sofa the Tilden is at the top of my sofa “go to” list.

The Tables in the shot are from all over.  The garden stool was bought off the back of a truck, a wonderful Chinese man drives all over the eastern seaboard selling Chinese imports out of the back of his truck, and we love it when he drops in on us.  There are always treasures to be found in his mobile shop.  The small white-painted table is from another chinese import vendor we work with out of LA.  They offer great selection and prices so we can pass them along to clients at great prices.  This small table is only a few hundred bucks!  The barley twist game table were using as an end table is from G & J Styles.  They have a great showroom in NC and we buy from them regularly.  Their merchandise fits in to many aesthetics and the quality is great.  This little table has leaves that allow six – close friends – dine at it, but it’s also a great game table for puzzles and cards.

OK, pillow talk and then were moving on… the big embroidered pillow is made by Ryan Studio ( we love them and their great pillows)  and the little needlepoint pillow is by Michaelian Home.  A little whimsy goes a long way but their pillows are well made the colors are sophisticated and they work great for our area.

Another beautiful Asmara rug supports this grouping that includes the Hickory Chair wicker coffee table and gives interest to the neutral linen sleeper sofa by Lee Industries.  Lee offers so many different sofa frames and their shipping is usually 4 to 6 weeks so of course we depend on them for quality furniture and good prices that are not only American made but guaranteed.  Lee has a great line of slip-covered sofas, chairs and ottomans too called Coveralls.  Between the two lines we can satisfy any customer.  In the background you can see our display of Dash and Albert rugs ( we carry wool, cotton and indoor/outdoor) as well as the cabinet filled with Vagabond House platters and pewter.  Last, but certainly not least is the pretty polished nickel chandelier from Visual Comfort.  Yet again another vendor who offers a tremendous variety and good quality construction.  Their styles are great and their finishes suit every need.


One Response to “Surroundings”

  1. claudia Says:

    Thanks for the peek at Surroundings. I always wondered what it was like!

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