White Kicthens

June 3, 2012

Ah… another white kitchen to “steel” my heart, only this time its loft meets – industrial meets – country.  In the LOVE column is the white of it all of course, and the polished concrete floors.  The sheen, the color the cool industrial vibe are all perfect with the exposed duct work, unfinished walls and piping.  Grey is really big right now in the design world, pickled wood floors are going grey walls and wood work are all going grey and this is a great way to get the look of the moment because concrete in naturally grey, so it comes across as nothing but authentic.

This one is a bit more country than it is rock and roll but it’s clean, sleek and white so who cares if the cabinets are a little cabiny or that the work space opposite the sink is a repurposed antique piece ( I’m going to let you in on a secret… I kinda like the old-timey mixed with the sleek, it works for me.  They had me with the open shelves.

Even though this image looks like an ad for bar stools, the kitchen is really quiet nice.  Is that a striped linoleum floor? or painted? either way, I love it, and would you look at that ceiling?!?  LOVE.  So what if the lights are a little predictable, that big stretch of windows is delicious and I would love a kitchen that opens on to a family room like this one does.


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