I’m Working On It!

May 26, 2012

It’s always a pleasure to work with a style and look you like…  It’s also nice to like who you are doing it for.  Well I got really lucky on this one!  Not only do I love the look my client and I are creating, I love my client.  She’s easy-going, has good taste and also is open to my ideas (whats not to like?)… and the fruits of our labor are starting to arrive!  The beautiful sisal rug is bound in a butterscotch linen tape that matches the Hickory Chair sofa perfectly and the A. Rudin chair is trimmed in the same super soft leather as the sofa.  The table lamp is alabaster from Visual Comfort – designed by Thomas O’Brien – we have a pair flanking the sofa on sofa tables also by O’Brien.

This dramatic side table pairs crossing rectangular-frame legs with a solid stepped top. Sturdy, elongated proportions belie the delicacy of the interlocking construction, encouraging high visibility use in the living room or as a pedestal for books and art. The raised panel top, in figured English brown oak veneer is a show stopper!  The craftsmen vibe this table gives suits the architecture of the clients home  perfectly!  and because they float between the living room and foyer and dining room spaces their goods looks don’t go unnoticed!

Maybe you remember this image from back in January?  I blogged about the best of – last year – and what was to come… Well we have come along way but still have a few holes to fill and add some small details to make this house a home. Thanks, as always, for stopping by BILLblog.  Have a great day!


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