White Kitchens

May 24, 2012

Not quite white but close enough, this is a really beautiful space.  love the giant stone tiled floor what a statement maker and a perfect foil for the small tiles on the back wall and the board ceiling…  texture everywhere but nothing fights.  I’m a fan of the low window sills at the sink and covet the Chicago style goose neck faucet.  The inset doors on the cabinetry are also a high-end choice but make the cabinets so elegant and streamlined.  Maybe the table is a bit small?  Love the charm and warmth of the wood, a great choice for middle of this space, use what you have it creates a less planed look, but make sure what you use in a kitchen is user-friendly.  lastly, the sink and countertops… not sure what type of stone, but LOVE the sink made from the countertop material.  Perfect.

totally different vibe from the last one but there is so many good things about this kitchen.  Starting with the wall of slab material. So, so pretty.  Clean, simple, dramatic, modern, expensive… yes it’s all of those things but in a simple kitchen like this with sleek shiny cabinets and minimal hardware the dominance of the movement in the stone is perfect.  And would you look at the detail in the pattern of the tiled floor?  Love that they didn’t just do a 12 x12 or for that matter a 12 x24 or any other popular choice for tile floors these days.  The varrying sizes and interesting pattern give interest without overwhelming the small space.

Not sure how useable the stool are without an overhang… but love this kitchen and the coffee station built-in to the wall of open shelves.  The idea of wallpaper on the back wall is a nice touch, it adds a bit of color without making the room too busy.  This kitchen also sports inset cabinet doors and what looks to be Carrara marble.

Last but not least, the humble kitchen.  Tiny in size and traditional in materials this little kitchen was designed to pack it all in and still give as much counter top as possible.  That’s probably why they went with a glass top range, it allows for prep space when not in use.  not a lot of storage here but upper cabinets would have really closed the space in… I think they made all the right choices here except I’m not sure if I’m loving the pillowed subway tile.  With the board walls and the bead-board cabinet doors there are a lot of lines in this tiny space.  I might have liked the soapstone? counter top material as the backsplash and added a lower shelf (not as deep as the top shelf) so the slab didn’t have to be as tall and there would be another place for utensils, spices or dinnerware.


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