Trends in Handbags

May 22, 2012

Not a typical blog for me, I thought I’d share my opinion on trends in womens purses and bags as a favor to someone I know.  I think color blocking is big, both tonal combinations and strong contrasting patches of color are popping up on many designers handbags, wallets and other luxury leather items.

To be honest, I’m not sure what this shape is called but this bag and many others like it are a double force.  Not only are they color blocked, they are the shape of the season – and many to come I predict.  This shaps comes after the tote, popular for many years, this is really a corss between a Kelly bag and a modified tote with a more secure top… plus this bag converts (it folds in its sides) to become a smaller more elegant bag.  

Speaking of the tote… it’s still everywhere!  Women have invested in quality bags and this shape is going nowhere because of it.  Louis Vuitton is/was the leader in popularity when it comes to the tote.  Many have followed suit and you can find this shape in every color and texture.

Above are some color blocked and animal skin totes and below just one example of the Louis Vuitton tote.

…And here is what Vuitton and other designers are moving toward this fall and winter: Straps, Sporty Stripes and Fur.  Bags will be confident in size and bold in style.


2 Responses to “Trends in Handbags”

  1. BS Says:

    What brand is the second bag? The navy, black and cream convertable bag?

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