May 21, 2012

I love Facebook.  This morning when I was checking in I saw a post from an event a friend had tagged or liked – an image of the table setting is what i was intrigued by , with really great flatware and china.  So I clicked on the image and lo and behold the original poster of the image mentioned that the flatware is by a company from Portugal called Cutipol and the pattern is GOA.  So Googled that and was directed to a website called… Horne.  OK, so Horne has furniture, lighting, dinnerware, well a bit of everything actually, all modern and cool. Not cheap but a great resource for all things contemporary.  Among the modern coolness were these:shophorne.com

The Mix Boxes return a lo-fi interactivity to a world made busy by complex devices and objects. The set includes six well-crafted boxes of varying size that allow you to create compositions based on your unique design and storage needs.

Life is fluid: When circumstances change, The Mix Boxes change with them. Sideboard, bookcase, bedside tables or media storage – the uses are endless. This is not a static piece of furniture that dominates a room. The set encourages interaction and lets you bring your own personality to the product.

  • Free Shipping
  • Dimensions:
    2 Small Boxes: 17.25″w x 10.5″d x 5.5″h
    2 Medium Boxes: 17.25″w x 14.25″d x 12.5″h
    1 Long Box: 38″w x 12″d x 7″h
    1 Large Box: 38″w x 15.5″d x 14″h
  • Birch Veneer – Strong Dovetail Joints
  • Direct Made in Pheonix, AZ, USA.
  • Easy No assembly required.

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