Jar of…

May 18, 2012

…hearts, or candles, or plants, or flowers, or desserts!  They aren’t just for preserving jam anymore the “Mason” jar has risen to new heights in recent years.  Wedding centerpieces, tree limb hung lanterns, you name it, the mason jar is an inexpensive and easily found vessel for anything you can imagine.  No doubt the “old timey” feeling they give is a draw.  What I mean is folks like the found quality, and the antique feeling of them… they remind us of a simpler time.  

I’ve been invited to a 12 course French picnic in a few weeks and I think dessert in a mason jar sounds perfect.  Easy to transport, perfect portions (no messy cutting or serving) and an individual serving is just more chic than a slice I think.  They can hold your collection of marbles, sea glass, pebbles or what have you but the mason jar works nicely as a casual drinking glass, votive holder, vase, and even a snow globe.



2 Responses to “Jar of…”

  1. Great photos and very inspiring – especially the last picture with the light bulb inside the jar 🙂

  2. Janice Says:

    Nice collection of photos and ideas. Want to try so many….!

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