House Paint Update

May 16, 2012

It’s been decided.  I have committed to a body color and a shutter color.  I thought because I design for a living that choosing a paint color for my own house would be easy… it wasn’t.  It wasn’t really hard either, but because I care so much the decision took several trips to the paint store and many test patches.  So what colors did I pick?  The house will look a lot like the one in the image below.  Maybe my body color: Dove Wing by Ben Moore is a bit less yellow, and I’m using the same color on the trim only in semi-gloss… so no lighter trim for me.  The Shutters: Briarwood by Ben Moore will read slightly darker than this houses, but over all a similar vibe.  I picked all my colors and then found this image, it would have been too easy to start with a photo.  

We are all primed and the painter has given me a very large test patch of the Dove Wing, I love it.  That’s good because I already invested in a 5 gallon bucket of Aura (that’s the fancy eco-friendly version of Ben Moores paint line) paint.  BTW, New York State of Mind is the front door color.  the dark corner poking up on the top of the paint chips is the porch floor color, forget the name of it, and HC-173 is Revere Pewter… I was going to do the window sashes that color but I think I’m going to keep it simple and nix that color.   

Here she is all primed up… The planters are full now, by the time the paint job is finished the pots will be filling in nicely and I promise one final up-date. Can’t get over how different the house looks not green and without shutters… I miss the shutters, not the green.


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