Maybe the coolest thing ever… (borrowed blog)

May 15, 2012

Originally posted on on May 8th, I just saw this and had to re-post for my readers…  is this not Awesome!?!

San Francisco
New York

What a great idea for anyone celebrating their couple hood – an anniversary, or wedding. Is Paris where you met during your Semester Abroad? Or was it that summer in New York City when you fell madly in love as you ran around that place like you owned it? Cities, can hold for us, certain pivotal chapters in our lives and no matter how far we move or how suburbanized we become, we always hold that particular environ close to our hearts. Hand stitched by certified fair labor partners in India. Cray. Hand stitched, with some serious power eyesight. There are a lot more soft map blankets with other cities (even baby blankets) check it out at Haptic Lab. 


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