Ferguson & Shamamian (Buzzin on Pinterest)

May 12, 2012

So we can’t deny the popularity or “power” of Pintrest.  1000’s of people look everyday at what everyone else is pining… but what does it really do, really?  I am not a fan of social media marketing.  When I’m on Pintrest, I don’t want to be sold something, I just want to see whats “trending” what people are liking, things like architects Ferguson & Shamamin.  Click, click, click and I was faced with a dozen project they have worked on including this beautiful house in Malibu, CA.
Maybe it was a recent trip to my home town of San Mateo, CA that has awakened my love for Spanish Mediterranean homes, maybe it was these images from a strangers Pintrest board but either way you have to agree this house is beautiful.  Beamed ceilings of my dreams!
Do I love the interior design?  Well maybe not love, there are some great details and the house looks fresh and bright, young and cool.  But I would have treated it a bit differently from the perspective of furniture and accessories.  The colors feel good but I would have liked a softer more relaxed vibe.  To me it looks like the furniture wasn’t picked with the house in mind.  just sayin… sorry to be so critical.

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