Summer Textures & Neutrals

May 7, 2012

I love neutrals,they don’t have a shelf life… (pun intended – around my family maybe too much this weekend, they love a pun)  Neutrals never date, , they are rich and beautiful in their own natural and subtle way, they allow textues to stand out and important things like art, views and people to stand out… not to mention forms and shapes of furnishings.  The idea of hanging nesting baskets on a wall to create storage is so simple but it works so well and looks so good, I had to post this shot.  But, of course I have to take it a bit further and add a few beautifully done interiors to really push the look of natural and neutrals tones.  Just look at howe interesting a tonal room can be…

Ignore the green in that last one – even though it’s really pretty.  Loving the way they hung the art lower than the desk! Grass cloth always chic! Below: Headboard, coverlet and night stand become contrast pieces in a taupe against the creamy whites in the bedroom below.

Back dating this post for yesterday, sorry I missed a day but was traveling back from California!


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