Summer Whites ( & Summer Fireplace)

May 4, 2012

Do I really have to say anything about this room? ok, ok… I’ll admit that this look might be a bit hard to maintain from many different perspectives – lets see, like… keeping it edited to white only and keeping it clean come to mind right off the bat – but it is pretty!  I love all white but I have to admit this might be too much of a good thing… can i get a tiny bit of cream, grey or beige?  And how about a dash of silver, bronze of gold?  A tiny bit?

Ok, now that’s better.  Creams and warm whites just feel cozier, don’t they?  I’d still like a dash of sparkle, but how cool is that custom sofa in the bay window?  Maybe the bed needs a little sumthin-sumthin.  Like big Euro (26′ x 26″) pillows, the plain sleeping pillows look a little less than luxe to me.

Bam!  Here it is done right.  the chrome legs on the ottomans adds a bit of glitz, the orange wakes up the space and provides energy and the majority of color is applied to something that should get the most attention, the art!

And my favorite of the day… Warm wood and taupey tanish greys mixed with the polish of nickel or chrome finishes to really make this room work.  The mix of shades is rich and the textures really work for me.  If I was asked to tweak this room I might hand textured sheers, similar in color to the ottomans, but that’s about all I’d change.  …and I’d add art.

Last Thought: I think I’m going to do this in one if not both of my fireplaces this summer.  I will admit that I’m a tiny bit nervous about bringing in little creatures in that much wood, but I have to say I love – no I LOVE – the look.  I think of this fireplace filler as the contemporary or modern cousin to the birch log stack that has been/is still so popular for so long. So, while the mantle is a bit more traditional, this would look great in a modern space.


4 Responses to “Summer Whites ( & Summer Fireplace)”

  1. Claudia Says:

    It would be a process, but you could put the firewood in the oven for a while to dry it out and kill off the crawlies.

  2. I love the third photo. The splashes of orange “wake up” the room with an energy kick. And I agree with you that the chrome legs fall right into place.

  3. stoves Says:

    The books in the fireplace look great, and no need to worry about creepy crawlies like with the wood.

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