Summer House

May 1, 2012

I’ve got Summer Houses on my mind.  The season is really picking up and more and more seasonal clients are calling and ordering furniture to get ready for a great summer.  I am especially excited to have a couple of jobs right now with clients I really like.  For one young couple I’m hoping to give them a burst of color by painting the backs of their built-in bookcases after we slipcover all of their furniture of course and paint the floors.   I love the look of the shelves above and the pillow fabric too.

This eclectic mix of furniture and the color palette are both perfect for a summer-house.  The bright and fun pillows break-up an otherwise nondescript sofa and the blend of styles makes for a relaxed and unplanned looking sitting area.  I think a sisal or seagrass would be a better choice and I think a painted floor would really summer it up!

Navy and white is always a good look – I think it wants the fun of the random pillows from the image before – but it’s a classic look.  The big art keeps things clean and simple and reminds visitors they are near the sea.  I love the big ottoman, the striped rug (Dash & Albert) and the little wing chair covered in that ticking stripe, too cute.


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