Displaying Photographs

April 30, 2012

It’s always the last thing a client thinks about, but 9 times out of 10 I get asked about art, wall decor and family photographs.  Family Photographs… they are like rabbits, you put two of them out and before you know it there are 6, or 10… or more!  Whats a designer to do?!?  Of course the ones I’m typically presented with are “snap-shots, in non-matching frames, some color and some black and white.  What to do?

EDIT!  If you have 3 or 5 photo’s of your best friend, baby or partner… Pick one (ok two) of your favorites and put the rest in an album, or in a private setting ( offices are perfect ) and keep your “collection” together as best you can.  Don’t mix in do-dads.

NEXT… Try and coordinate your frames to one type or two (ok, 3 if you must but no more) I like White frames, because I like white – and I think you see the image not the frame – but you can mix brown and white, silver and white, gold and brown, brown and black or black and white, or… well you get the point.

THEN… practice grouping the images you want to display on the floor to get a good idea of how they will look best hanging together.  If you’d like to take an extra step, cut out paper templates of your frame sizes and use painters tape to hold them on the wall as you organize them.  I love a grid, but that only really works when you have like size frames (mat size can vary – keep that in mind) and like frames.  If your collection is a little bit hodgepodge, then go with a loose, eclectic arrangement.


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