Print & Pattern

April 29, 2012

Pattern and print make a come back… Look in any shelter magazine and you’ll se plenty of color, were all crazy for turquoise, tangerine, raspberry, lime, mint and mellon… I’m hungry… anyway what you will also see is lots and lots of pattern, used in a bold way.  An entire room in pink trellis, layered with an animal print, an ikat – yes they are still hot – and probably a “floral” of some type, albeit more vine-ish these days and less cabbage rose.

 In the case of this well done interior, the pattern is on the chairs, windows, and pillows, please note there is plenty – PLENTY – of neutral or negative space to allow the eye to rest, and to keep the place from feeling like a fabric bazaar.  On top of all that pattern, there are the goat skin stools, by OLY – we love OLY – than further layer pattern texture and diminution.  Can’t give a shout out to this space without praising the grasscloth.  What a difference the texture and weight of the woven wall covering makes to this room.  Instant glam, instant luxe and beautifully layered.  I also like the pull in from the shiny chrome table to the mercury glass table lamp, nice connection there… The thing I’d change: Who does a skirted round any more?  Are they hiding a woofer?  Would have liked a painted white table, or an old english stained pedestal table there instead.

I’m loving the mix of the trellis-ish window seat fabric with the wallpaper with the throw pillow fabric, just enough pattern on pattern, without overwhelming… the flat banded roman shade is the foil for all that pattern.  The painted ceiling is another nice touch.  I have a similar color (Hydrangea, Ben Moore) on the ceiling of my double height foyer.  I love the hit of color that can some times go unnoticed because it’s so high and not too strong, from the upstairs hall it’s a much stronger feature.

And while this last image is only one pattern, the fact that it’s so bold and floor to ceiling really makes a statement in this entry way.  I think the room might have not been finished or it’s just staged within an inch of being a stage set, but seriously… if you have to put something down when you come in, there is no room on that bench and there is a guard dog watching so that you don’t move anything.  I sure hope there is a table across the hall AND I hope they are about to hang that art… it’s just too low.


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