White Hot Crush (STILL)

April 28, 2012

How could you not love the stillness of the broad strokes of white in this bathroom.  even with the movement of the paper? paint treatment? this room is a calm oasis that speaks to me. It says… “Come here, get in the tub and stay awhile… Forget get the trouble of the day and allow deep relaxation be the only thing that remains”.  It’s also a damn pretty room!  the sweet white cabinet, high-end tub and classy – yeah I said classy – window treatments add up to a pretty room.

This second shot ( pinched from the Pale & Interesting webpage ) could be the other side of the tub room above, it isn’t but the vibe fits, the collection of old mirrors and old-timey medicine cabinet are too freaking charming.  I want this look.

Minus the kids – only kidding, not really, sort of, seriously kidding, ish – this room is PERFECT.  I am 100% crazy for horizontal board.  It’s shippy, and old-timey and modern and textural and interesting and my next/other home WILL have this in one if not many, if not all rooms.  how smart and perfect are the build-ins with storage at the end to eliminate clutter?  No art, that’s ok with me too.  Because I tend to collect and display “things” a room like this would be hard for me to leave pure, but that is exactly what I like about it.  Maybe, just maybe I’d add a chair… white of course.

Here is an example of a Do-Dad display I have going on in my hall right now.  See I told you I am a collector… twigs, moss, feathers, rocks, birds nests, pinecones, shells, dried leaves… you get the point.  Art Credit goes to Dora Miliken (sp? sorry Dora) she’s a painter in the South Coast area of Massachusetts.

And, just because I think the execution of these doors is perfection, love the basket, bottles tucked up above and there is more board walls and ceilings to love, I give you this…

Last… but not least… a few more white rooms, some “decorated” others “un-decorated” which in fact is a style.  Intentional randomness is sort of the vein running though design right now.  It’s all about the interesting, unexpected mix.  French, Modern, Danish, Contemporary, what-have-you all thrown together is WHITE HOT!

2 Responses to “White Hot Crush (STILL)”

  1. Karen Says:

    white done right! Yummy!

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