Visual Comfort – Lighting

April 23, 2012

Saw this first image on La Dolce Vita’s blog today.  I’m enjoying my weekend at Ocean House and all the wonderful events scheduled into the weekend to celebrate one of my best clients birthday, but a tiny but sad I’m not at High Point in NC, getting my shop on and buying beautiful things for the store and clients. But I’m here being spoiled with the best service, in a beautiful room, partying with great friends and celebrating a good friend and client.I can’t count how many times I’ve posted about Visual Comfort, a favorite lighting manufacturer of mine.  They make so many wonderful types and styles of lighting it’s really one of the only sources I need to make my clients – and myself – happy.  Of course there are dozens if not 100’s of others I like including Jamie Young, The Natural Light, Vaughn, Robert Abbey, Oly, Currey & Company to name just a few… But Visual Comfort has quality, great finishes and more choices than any designer would need to complete a lighting plan from beach house to loft to city apartment to farm house, they do it all… and they do it well.

It’s my last day here at Ocean House and I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of lights the designer responsible for the furnishings has committed to.  Form my bed – yes, I’m still in bad at 11:51 AM – I can count 8 lights and from memory  (meaning I don’t have to turn them upside down to know that – 5 are Visual Comfort.  AND, there are more down the hall… because I’m still in my Jammies, the 2 grainy shots and the end of the post – taken with the zoom on my iphone, not the best – will have to do, but just look at these handsome lights…

and from the Jammie-cam…



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