Ocean House – Watch Hill, RI

April 21, 2012

The village of Watch Hill, Rhode Island is located on a peninsula of land at the southwestern most point on the Rhode Island coast.   In 1833 a man named Jonathan Nash established what was to be the first of many hotels in the area.  By 1890 seven wooden hotels accommodated hundreds of guests for the summer season and Watch Hilla became a summer playground to Bostonians, New Yorkers and many others who travelled further to enjoy the beach and the community of people who visited regularly and became acquainted.  In the late 1800’s through the 1920’s the cottage colony was born on Watch Hill, private homes had not existed prior to this boom. Cottages became summer homes, homes grew to what would be considered mansions today and the wealth of architectural beauty was established and is still preserved today in Watch Hill.

We are staying at Ocean House, the only remaining hotel from the original seven, built in 1868. With recent renovations the hotel is a grand dame with charm, character and views to die for, plus every amenity you could want for.  The rooms are pretty, they vary in styles and have an authenticity and quality I rarely see in resorts.

to be continued… I’m off to breakfast and a walk on the beach.  Will take pictures of the great architecture and catch up with you later.


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