Glam-tasticly Tonal

April 17, 2012

Now this is my kind of room.  I so love this glam-tastic livingroom, and not just for its tonality and minimal use of color but because it exudes glamour!  The beachy Capiz shell chandelier looks great and sets a mood along with the giant clam shell but frankly you could buy the light at Cost Plus for 69.99.  And that’s not a bad thing – in fact I might pick up two – but for me it’s the scale of the room, the enormous carpet both sitting areas share, the formal layout of the room and of course the color story really cranks up the chic factor.   

This might be the Kitchen living room (or KLR as a client calls it) or the TV room for the same house.  On message with keeping things light, virtually free of pattern, and colors range from cream to tan, to oatmeal to toffee to chocolate, only a bit more toned down, casual, easy…  When can I move in?


One Response to “Glam-tasticly Tonal”

  1. Thanks for posting the Cost Plus site. I have never been on it! Great prices!

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