Mens Summer Fashion

April 16, 2012

Old school is the new New School.   Madras, plaid, chambray, seersucker… it all coming at us in the next few weeks, next thing you know you’ll be pulling out your flip flops and looking for your white jeans.  Me?  I’m going to rock an oxford cloth suit at a party this coming weekend in RI to celebrate a friends birthday.  Can’t wait to see the beautifully redone Ocean House Hotel (of course pictures to come!).  Love an excuse to buy a few new items of clothing and I love knowing I’m packing a new outfit or two.  If you’re in the market for a suit, they are still wearing them snug, lapels are not too wide and jackets are still just a wee bit shorter than you might think it oughta be.  This one is by JCrew.

I expect that I’ll be able to break up the suit and wear the pants with a blue blazer for work, and mix the slacks with khaki pants or blue cotton trousers or jeans for that matter.  A suit is just a good investment, no matter how you wear it – unless of course you grow out of it or if styles change to drasticlly.  Me?  I like a short jacket that fits snug and a 3 button is better for my body type, so I usually go 3 button, but not always.  you can always button the middle button if you want a 2 button look… and you know what they say about buttons on an man’s jacket, don’t you?





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