April 13, 2012

The truth is I could write and post blog entries all day long.  I have dozens of photographs on my desktop waiting their turn to become a blog post, I have to fight the urge to post 6 or 8 photos in one post just to use them.  I’m going to post a few today that focuses on color palette, yesterday was orange and chocolate… today aqua and neutrals.  I will admit up front that I love this palette, I’m probably most comfortable working with this palette and I live with this palette in my own living room.  It’s easy to live with.  It’s interesting and has depth without being so strong that you can mix in temporary punches of color with art or accessories.  It’s chic and sophistocated and stradles both contemporay and traditional well ( so of course I like it ) and I find it restful and calming.  It’s not a crazy bold color story that grabs you, rather it gently exposes itself to you and it’s depth is slowly discovered as you spend time with it.  

Here’s a shot of my living room.  I guess it’s going on 7 years or so that I have had this wall color (Thunder Bay – Ralph Lauren) these drapes (custom-made silk with banded edge and contrast welt – Melinda Eaton work room – Kravet silk) and most of the upholstery.  Of course, because of my love for decorating and design I move furniture constantly.  I enjoy working with existing pieces and making new groupings – it’s my think tank in a way.  I do rotate art, I do experiment with strong floral arrangements, bold accessories and unexpected textures, but I’m always so happy to have this classic – trendy, not trendy, trendy – palette as my base.

My last thoughts are Aqua and neutral doesn’t have to mean “safe” or boring… It all depends on how you apply the colors, to what degree you punch up the aqua and of course how much texture and pattern you employ.  Here is a sneak peek of a favorite clients new sofa, still in storage waiting to be installed with the rest of the furniture, lighting and accessories.  Far from boring!  Not so “safe”, this sofa ( frame by Lee, fabric by Noblis ) is bold, playful and beachy and at the same time chic and beautiful.  Can’t wait to see this room come together.

…and this last image, pulled from the pages of Traditional Home ( a favorite believe it or not ).  The image is a guest room at a resort in the Bahamas, the bed is by Redford House… the color palette, sublime.  Happy Friday the 13th! Thanks for reading.


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