High Contrast

April 9, 2012

Opposites attract.  I could begin and end this blog with nothing but that simple statement…  but I will elaborate.  the best color to use as an accent is typically your main colors opposite.  Purple is accented by yellow, blue is accented by orange and so on.  The same is true with black and white – and yes chocolate and cream count – one really does compliment the other.  The pairing of black and white also creates an energy, that alone goes unappreciated.  I love the way the white allows the black to create strong shapes and forms.  like an art gallery anything you put against the white background becomes more sculptural and textural.  used in bigger swaths the ying-yang of black and white can trans form the shape of a space and transform it.

And how sweet is that little dog?

Even in the bedroom, the combination of black and white is striking.For the times when you are working with color keep this rule in mind: It’s easiest to work with like colors and add opposite colors as an accent or compliment to your more tonal palette.


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